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Social Media Platforms Choose 1 from Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin Choose 2 from Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin Total Management Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin
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Pricing £89 per month £149 per month £219 per month
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A Social Media Strategy Focused On Growing Your Business

Social Media is a great way to engage with your chosen audience. It can also be incredibly time consuming to learn and put into practice. We’ll make sure it delivers results for your business.

We’ll create a social media strategy that is targeted and focused. We’ll help you to engage with your ideal customer and to help your drive more engagement and get more leads from the social media channels that are right for you.

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Ideal Client Persona

We will help you to understand who is your ‘Ideal Client’.

This baseline will enable us to understand the best way to reach out and engage with them using social media.

This forms the basis of your social media strategy.


Identify Business Goals

Setting realistic targets will give you a focus for your Social Media Plan.

We will work with you to identify achievable business goals which are stated and measured against time.

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Competitor Analysis

Understanding what works and what doesn’t work for your competitors can significantly speed up the achievement of your goals.

We will analyse your competitors so that you have a benchmark to measure progress against.


Choice Of Platform

Not all social media platforms are right for you. Based on your Ideal Client Persona we will help you understand which platforms give you the best opportunity to engage with your chosen audience.

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Content Plan

Great Content and Social Media are a match made in heaven. We will help you understand what content will resonate best with your audience and help you get focused on getting results.


Lead Generation

At the end of the day it’s all about getting leads into your system. Our Facebook tab feature means that you can capture leads from your Facebook page.

Social Media

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